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Resources on Japan

  1. Aichi Medical University
    University-wide efforts toward drastic innovation in its education systems have been promoted for many years. Graduates in 2000, who were the first to be educated under the new curriculum introduced in 1994, recorded a remarkably higher rate of passing the National Examination for Medical Practitioners.

  2. Akita University
    Akita University was established in 1949 under the National University Foundation Law. The university consists of three faculties: Faculty of Education and Human Studies, School of Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science.

  3. Aoyama Gakuin University
    Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) is part of a comprehensive educational institute called Aoyama Gakuin, which includes kindergarten, elementary school, junior/senior high school, and women's junior college. At each level, Aoyama Gakuin offers people quality education that is based on our solid academic foundation, which has been continuously enhanced throughout our unique history.

  4. Central Texas College
    CTC PFEC is dedicated to providing quality education to U. S. military and DOD civilian personnel and their family members living throughout the Pacific Far East. We are also proud to support local national students who are eligible to attend our college, where access is permitted onto military installations. Our motto, "Education For The Individual," reflects our attitude toward you and your family.

  5. Chiba University
    Chiba University was founded in 1949, unifying several regional former national colleges and schools such as Chiba Medical College and Chiba Normal School. Its fundamental mission since then has been, as encapsulated by the inscription on the University Bell, ad altiora semper (always toward the higher), to equip students with the ability to make mature and informed judgments while nurturing and guiding their creativity. Pursuing these goals of excellence has resulted in Chiba University becoming one of the leading academic research centers of Japan.

  6. Chukyo University
    Universities in the 21st century, especially Japanese universities, face a challenging situation. In the midst of global competition, we have continued to experience a decrease in the eighteen-year-old population. What is more, far from decreasing, the number of private universities is showing a tendency to increase. We at Chukyo University would like to keep pressing forward as vigorously as ever, even amidst such trends.

  7. Chuo University
    Chuo University takes an active part in a wide range of programs encouraging the exchange of students and researchers with education and research institutions in other countries. It presently has partnership agreements with 49 institutions in 16 countries. The International Center, estabilished in 1981 to foster effective international interchange, supports and funds international exchange activities carried out by faculties, graduate schools and institutes. Projests carried out by the Center itself are also designed to encourage international and intercultual awareness and understanding.

  8. College of Business and Communication
    CBC has launched into a global education from the beginning. There are the Department of International Business, International Hotels, International Business & Computer Science, and Japanese Education. CBC is the first college in Kanagawa Prefecture with the department to teach Japanese to foreign students.

  9. Dokkyo University
    In keeping with the fact that "Dokkyo traditionally has had a forte in language education," the University offers language courses for a total of 14 languages. All students, including those outside of the Faculty of Languages, have opportunities to acquire practical language skills, depending on their desire to do so.

  10. Doshisha University
    At Doshisha University, in addition to the advantages of our modern library, all students can have an e-mail address via our campus intranet. This network spreads beyond the campus to the internet and students may use this network to access valuable information resources from all over the world. Furthermore, in the multimedia library, there is also a vast amount of information stored electronically as well as A/V equipment which students may use.

  11. Ehime University
    The university has grown rapidly since its foundation in 1949, and now ranks among the top 20 of the 87 national universities in Japan. There are about 10,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate, and 2,000 people on the academic and administrative staffs. The university consists of 6 faculties:Law and Letters, Education, Science, Medicine, Engineering, and Agriculture. Every faculty has a graduate school for post-graduate students.

  12. Fujita Health University
    Our university has been recognized as "first class" in various fields including research work and medical management. According to the book entitled "University Rankings"(2003 edition) utilizing the ISI index from the USA, we hold 15th place of all universities in Japan, exceeding numerous schools rich in tradition.

  13. Fukui Prefectural University
    Fukui Prefectural University,as a center for the advancement in science and culture,will aim(a) to foster individuals qualified in the knowledge and techniques of specialized fields,(b) to conduct research with a view to expanding the frontiers of science and technology,and(c) to contribute to the development of culture and industry in Japan and Fukui Prefecture in particular.

  14. Fukuoka University
    Fukuoka University is dedicated to holistic education, the cultivation of the whole person and the reintegration of knowledge through interdisciplinary education and research. In teaching and research we seek to embrace both specialist and generalist approaches, nurturing both academic excellence and the highest ideals of the human spirit. In this way, we strive to fulfil our mission of contributing to society by producing creative and spontaneous graduates who think and act both locally and globally in the pursuit of truth and liberty.

  15. Gakushuin Academy
    The college's collection of 140,000 volumes and 1,200 journals is housed in a building which received a Japan Library Association Architectural Award. It is equipped with video viewing booths, and an audio-visual room, which can be utilized for extra-curricular activities. There is a glassed-in lounge for meetings or conversation. An annual concert amidst the books is one of the most popular events on campus.

  16. Hachinohe Institute of Technology
    More than 2000 students are currently studying at HIT. They come not only from most parts of Japan but also from abroad. Several researchers from foreign countries are studying the latest and most advanced sciences and technologies in Japan under the supervision of the faculties of HIT.In addition, Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science was founded in April 2002 to develop the study of wide range of research activities and resolve the local and global technological problems.

  17. Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
    Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry is the only one Jewelry school in Tokyo authorized by the school education law. HIKO MIZUNO has taken a form of a non-profitable organization. which is officially authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Law of Education. This authorization has enabled the school to receive a permit from the Ministry of Health,Labor and Welfare to provide licenced careers advice and VISA arrangement for the overseas students.

  18. Hirosaki University
    Hirosaki University is comprised of five faculties. The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science together serve to cover almost every academic field. It is a medium-sized University with a capacity for 5800 students to enroll.

  19. Hiroshima City University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of International Studies, Faculty of Information Sciences, and Faculty of Art. HCU intends to conduct international, interdisciplinary, and holistic education and research, and undertake unique, pioneering academic activities.

  20. Hiroshima University
    Hiroshima University is an integrated research university with ten faculties, ten graduate schools and one research institute, along with many education and research facilities. The University has an excellent record of education and research achievements. On a beautiful and spacious campus, students are encouraged in their pursuit of knowledge and academic research activities are on going.

  21. Hiroshima Women's University
    Offers courses in Science for Living Environment,Health Science, Human Development and Welfare,Human Development and Department of Child Study, Social Welfare

  22. Hitotsubashi University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Commerce and Management, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

  23. Hokkaido Tokai University
    Offers programs in the streams of Community Development, Course of Community Development, Science and Engineering, Course of Electronic and Information Engineering, Course of Environmental and Biological Sciences Arts Course of Design

  24. Hokkaido Tokai University - Asahikawa
    It offers a variety of courses. Each course consists of 14 weeks, in which 2 or more projects during that time may be required (depending upon the professor.). The spring semester starts from April and the fall semester begins in September.

  25. Hokkaido University
    The Hokkaido University now consists of 12 faculties including , 15 graduate schools, and 23 research institutes and centers.

  26. Hosei University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculties of Law, Letters, and Economics, then established the Faculty of Engineering, the postgraduate Humanities division, the postgraduate Social Sciences Division, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Business Administration and finally the postgraduate Engineering Division.

  27. Hyogo University of Teacher Education
    Offers programs in the streams of School Educational Methodology, School Counseling and Human Developmental Support, Language Education, Social Science Education, Natural Science Education, Fine Arts and Music Education

  28. International Christian University
    Offers programs in the streams of Division of Education, Division of public Administration, Division of compararative Culture, Division of Natural Sciences

  29. International University of Japan
    Offers programs in the Graduate school of International Education, Graduate school of international management, Ebusiness management progaram, Japanese Language Progaram, Intensive English Program, Academic Calenders

  30. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    In Japanese Version

  31. Jichi Medical School
    Offers programs in Dept. Community and Family Medicine ,Dept. Biochemistry ,Dept. Pharmacology ,Dept. Public Health Dept. Nephrology ,Dept. Surgery ,Dept. Orthopaedic Surgery

  32. Kansai University
    Kansai University has seven faculties: Law, Letters, Economics, Commerce, Sociology, Informatics and Engineering. The period of study is four years.

  33. Keio University
    Offers programs in Faculty of Business and commerce, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Environmental Information, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Nursing and Medical care, Faculty of Policy MAnagement, Faculty of Science & Technology, School of Medicine

  34. Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
    Offers programs in Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environmental Information, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

  35. KFaculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
    Offers programs in Deparment of Mathematics, Departments of Information and Computer Science, Department of System Design Engineering, Depatment of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Department of Administration Engineering, Depatment of Mechanical Engineeing etc.,

  36. Kobe University
    Offers programs in Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Cross-Cultural Studies, Faculty of Human Development, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Science, School of Medicine Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture,Faculty of Maritime Sciences

  37. Kobe University of Mercantile Marine
    Offers students with a good knowledge of theories and technology required especially in the field of marine science and engineering, and to instill high intelligence and rich culture into the students so as to enable them to contribute to the development of sea transportation and other marine industries. Facing Osaka Bay, our school also has the Rokko Range as its hinterland and is situated at the eastern part of Kobe Port, one of the largest ports in Japan.

  38. Kochi National College of Technology
    Offers programs in General Education ,Civil Engineering ,Electrical Engineering ,Industrial Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  39. Kochi University
    develop and maintain a comprehensive foundation for academic research, promote research which is specific to the local region, and establish a base for the latest international academic research with unique exploration in the fields of resource exploitation and management, the latest materials for development, human and environmental science, marine core science, the latest developments in the science of medicine and aging, and the Kuroshio Region or field science.

  40. Kogakuin University
    About 6,500 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in undergraduate programs offered by eleven Departments that cover the major disciplines of engineering; i.e. mechanical engineering, applied chemistry and chemical engineering, electric, electronic and information engineering, architecture and urban design.

  41. Konan University
    Offers programs in Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration etc.,

  42. Kumamoto University
    Offers programs in General Affairs Section, Personnel Section, Benefits Section, Evaluation Section, Information Processing Section

  43. Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts
    Offers programs in Department of Fine Arts, Department of Applied Art, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Department of Chemical Technology, Department of Liberal Arts and Science etc.,

  44. Kyorin University
    The Faculty of Foreign Studies offers special training programs in English, Chinese and Japanese. Freshmen and sophomores choose one of these special programs. Many classes are taught by experienced native speaking teachers and concentrate on developing confidence in listening, reading, translation and oral communication. In addition, we offer five other language: Korean, Indonesian, Spanish, French and German.

  45. Kyoto City University of Arts
    Kyoto City University of Arts has two main faculties of Art and Music. The total numbers of teaching staff and students are about 100 and 800, respectively. Each faculty has both undergraduate and graduate courses.

  46. Kyoto Sangyo University
    Offers programs in Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science

  47. Kyoto University
    Offers Courses like Chemical Research, Research in Humanities, Frontier Medical Sciences, Disaster prevention Research, Theoretical Physics

  48. Kyushu Institute of Design
    Offers programs in Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Acoustic Design ,Art and Information Design courses

  49. Kyushu Institute of Technology
    KIT is comprised of three campuses each with its own history and functions. KIT is comprised of three campuses each with its own history and functions. The Faculty of Engineering Campus, our first campus, is located in Tobata, Kitakyushu and its principle aim is to develop fundamental engineering skills with a particular focus on production and manufacturing. The Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering campus is located in Kawazu, Iizuka in accordance with the national policy for the redevelopment of coal mining areas, and its chief objective is to develop information engineering focused on advanced information technology.

  50. Kyushu Sangyo University
    Offers programs in Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Art, Faculty of International, Studies of Culture, Faculty of Information Science

  51. Kyushu University
    The university has 16,500 students enrolled, 2,270 academic staff and 2,160 administrative staff in its 10 undergraduate schools, 14 graduate schools, 15 graduate faculties, 3 research institutes, 3 university hospitals and in other areas.

    Offers various courses like Nursing, Physical therapy, Accupuncture,Moxibustion & Shiatsu,Oriental Medicine, Advanced Clinical Studies

  53. Meiji Gakuin University
    Offers programs in English Literature, French Literature, Art Studies, Department of Economics, Business Administration, Sociology, Social Work

  54. Meiji University
    Offers programs in Law, Commerce,Political Science and Econnomics, Arts and Letters, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Information and Communication

  55. Mie University
    Offers programs in Humanities and Social Sciences,Education,Medicine,Engineering,Bioresources

  56. Miyagi University of Education
    Offers programs in Japanese Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Music Education, Art Education, Health and Physical Education, Science in Daily Life, English Education

  57. Miyazaki Medical College
    Offers Medical Courses such as Rheumatology ,Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology etc.,

  58. Miyazaki University
    University of Miyazaki is firmly committed to ongoing educational reform in its quest to nurture students eager to acquire the knowledge and technical skill that will enable them to contribute fully to the advancement of society, students who will feel proud to call University of Miyazaki their Alma Mater.

  59. Musashi Institute of Technology - Environmental and Information Studies Center
    Offers Studies on Information Ecology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Architecture etc.,

  60. Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages
    Offers Courses on Comparative management,Management models,Chinese management style and business practices, Korean management style and business practices,Japanese management style and business practices, Comparing Japanese, Korean and US management style, Understanding business cultures in Japan and the US, Government and business relationship in Japan and Korea, Comparing the Japan's Keiretsu and Korea's Chaebols, Communication style in Japan and the US, Other Asian countries' social values and business practices, European management values

  61. Nagasaki University
    Offers Courses in Economics, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Fisheries, Environmental Studies

  62. Nagoya City University (NCU)
    Offers Courses in Pharmaceutical Science, Econimics, Nursing, Natural Sciencs, Design and Architecture etc.,

  63. Nagoya Institute of Technology
    Offers Applied Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Architecture and Civil Engineering

  64. Nagoya University
    Developed a range of sophisticated techniques to help us put an age to historical objects and even to rocks dating back to the dawn of time

  65. Nanzan University
    Offers Christian Studies, Anthropology and Philosophy, Psychology and Human Relations, Japanese Studies, British and American Studies, Spanish and Latin-American Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Asian Studies

  66. Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    As a national university comosed solely of graduate schools, NAIST promotes advanced research and educates accomplished individuals to help in the development of society based on the advancement of science and technology

  67. Nara Women's University
    Offers Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Information and Computer Science,Life Science and Human Technology, Human Environment etc,

  68. Nihon University
    Offers Law,Humanities and Science, Economics, Commerce,Art,International Relations,Technology,Industrial Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, MatsudoCollege of Bioresource Sciences, Pharmacy

  69. Niigata University
    At Niigata, research is integrated with education. We conduct both pure and applied research and the results are published at home and abroad. We see graduate studies as crucial to the further development of research and education at the university. To this end we are currently engaged in a reform program, with the result that research and education will be more centered around in the graduate schools.

  70. Obirin University
    provide students with a liberal arts education which is responsive to today’s global needs and standards.students here to be fully cognizant of understanding their own culture and value structures, and those that are different from their own.
  71. Okayama University
    Department of Humanities,Training Course for School Teachers, Training Course for School Nurse Teachers, Course for Integrated Education, Law, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences

  72. Osaka Kyoiku University
    Offers various departments for Teacher Training, Arts and Science Courses like Japanese Language Education ,Social Sciences Education,Mathematics Education,Science Education ,Music Education ,Fine Arts Education ,Health and Physical Education ,School Health Nursing Education

  73. Osaka Medical College
    Offering Courses in Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology etc.,

  74. Osaka Prefecture University
    Osaka Prefecture University took the initiative in establishing the Industry-University-Government-"Financial Institution" cooperation system. By inviting coordinators from financial institutions to the "Industry-University-Government Cooperation Organization" and by strengthening the communications pipeline with companies, we aim to achieve momentum to contribute to the society and local community. We hope that the "Industry-University-Government Cooperation Organization" will play an active role in the revitalization of the economy in Osaka and establishment of new venture companies.

  75. Osaka University
    Osaka University has continuously evolved through educational practices based on the achievements of its distinguished research, and as a venue of “intellectual exchange,” has emphasized to the world the meaning of such an institution’s existence.

  76. Otemae Junior College
    Offers Courses in Economics, Japanese Economics, Chemistry, Marketing, Life Science, Accounting, Business English, International Relations etc.,

  77. Reitaku University
    Reitaku University prides itself on offering excellent opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges, whether it may be in a foreign country, or on campus. The University has student exchange relations with 23 universities in eight different countries.Before graduating, roughly 50% of students from the College of Foreign Studies have studied overseas, while 20% in the International Economics and Business Administration have been involved in foreign exchange programs.

  78. Rikkyo University
    Offers Various Courses in Arts, Economics, Science, Social Relations, Law & Politics, Tourism, Community & Human Services, Social Design, Intercultural Communications, Business etc.,

  79. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
    In order to produce students ready to take on the global business world, APU implemented a curriculum and education system unprecedented by any other univeristy in Japan. Half of the student and faculty body have gathered at APU from around the globe, providing students with a multicultural campus in which to master English, Japanese and a number of other Asia Pacific languages. The APU curriculum requires students to build strong communication, debating and presentation skills.

  80. Ritsumeikan University
    The colleges provide courses based on a methodical system in response to students career aspirations, while adhering to academic requirements. Combined with minor specializations and public lectures, Ritsumeikan provides a wide-ranging academic environment. Additionally, the Colleges of Law, Economics, Business Administration, Social Sciences, and Letters offer evening courses suitable for working people.

  81. RMIT University Chiropractic-Unit Japan
    Offers programs in the streams of Research In Health Care, Chemical And Fire Safety ,Development Studies, Assessing Progress in Developing Countries, Chemistry 1 (Part A) , Ceramics 1a HK , The Degraded Environment 3A ,Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation 2, The Power Of Visual Communication etc.,

  82. Ryukoku University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Intercultural Communication

  83. Saga University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Culture and Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture etc.,

  84. Saitama University
    The University has five faculties (schools) for undergraduate education -Liberal Arts, Education, Economics, Science, and Engineering- and four graduate schools -Cultural Science, Education, Economic Science, and Science and Engineering-, all offering programs leading to doctorates as well as master’s degrees.

  85. Sapporo Medical School
    Sapporo Medical University is the sole University of Hokkaido prefecture. The School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo Medical University were established in 1950 and 1956, respectively. In 2001, the Graduate School of Medicine has just completed a restructuring and reorganization in order to accommodate the rapid advancement of medical technology and care.Our goal is to educate our students to the point of academic excellence.

  86. Science University of Tokyo
    As Japan's first private educational institution in natural sciences, Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshusho developed into Tokyo Rika Daigaku in less than 70 years. Today the University has a curriculum which spans natural sciences, pharmacy and engineering. It is proud of its distinguished faculty, many of whom are recognized nationally and internationally. Offering a broad range of high quality academic programs, the University attracts students from all over Japan and from many foreign countries.

  87. Science University of Tokyo, Suwa campus
    The Tokyo University of Science has four main campuses located in Honshu and Hokkaido islands. In addition, two affiliated universities in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture and in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture are also managed by the Tokyo Rika Daigaku educational foundation.Offers Various Courses in Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences etc.,

  88. Seikei University
    Seikei University has five Graduate Schools and a total of twelve graduate courses leading to Master of Arts, Master of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees as shown in the table below. The master's degree programs aim at giving students through course work in their respective fields specialized knowledge and training which are required in their future work as researchers and specialists. The doctoral degree programs are devoted to the development of students' abilities necessary for scholars and researchers when they conduct independent scholarly work in their respective fields. The doctoral degree programs can be divided into two terms. The first term, two years in length, is equivalent to the master's program in the same field. The second term is three years in length.

  89. Seinan Gakuin University
    Consists of five departments with eleven divisions and four graduate schools, and there is a combined enrollment of over seven thousand full-time students.As a comprehensive, liberal arts university, SGU has developed steadily, always playing a pioneer role in private university education in southwest Japan. One of the distinctive features of the university's educational program is its emphasis on internationalization.

  90. Seishin Joshi Daigaku - University of the Sacred Heart
    Offers not only research studies, but also the many sorts of activities held at the university encourage these positive attitudes in an active way. One good example is the strong support for the Refugee Education Trust, which was founded by one of our graduates.

  91. Shinshu University
    Shinshu University consists of eight faculties: Arts, Education, Economics, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Textile Science and Technology. All of these faculties offer both undergraduate and graduate courses. More than 1,000 full-time academic staff are engaged in teaching and research, and at present approximately 11,000 students are enrolled. Almost 400 of these students are overseas students from a wide variety of different countries.

  92. Shizuoka University
    Offers courses in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of International Relations, Administration and Informatics, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutritional and Environmental Sciences, International Relations, Adminidtration and Informatics, Environmental Sciences

  93. Shobi University
    Consists of varius deparments such as Pro Musician, Vocal, Music Business, Sound & Visual Production, Musical, Dance, Voice Actor/Actress, Arranging & Composition, Media Arts, Wind, Strings, & Percussion Instruments, Piano, Electronic Organ

  94. Soka University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, The Institute of the Japanese Language

  95. Sophia University
    Offers programs in various Depatments such as Department of Philosophy, Department of History, Department of Japanese Literature, Department of English Literature, Department of German Literature, Department of French Literature, Department of Journalism, Department of Philosophical Anthropology, Department of Health and Physical Education

  96. SUN Techno College
    SUN Techno College was established in 1991 as one of the projects of Ryuou Akasaka Soft Park. The project encompassed 50 companies which contributed to establish the college with the purpose of providing knowledge of high technology to the local community.Offer courses like Information and System, Multimedia, Network Design

  97. Takushoku University
    Offers Cousrses such as Faculty of Commerce(Bunkyo and Hachioji), Faculty of Political Science and Economics (Bunkyo and Hachioji), Faculty of Foreign Languages (Hachioji), Faculty of Engineering (Hachioji), Faculty of International Development (Hachioji)

  98. Tamagawa Gakuen
    A number of activities are currently underway at Tamagawa Gakuen, geared for the 21st century. One of those activities includes attaining ISO14001 certification in December 2000, the first ever certification of a comprehensive campus. Also, in April 2001 we opened a School of Business Administration. Then, in April 2002, we reorganized the Faculty of Arts and Education and established the School of Humanities, the College of Education and the College of Arts.

  99. Teikyo University
    Core courses currently offered are Western Literature, Western History and Economics. These are given in both Japanese and English by the Japanese and Western members of the academic staff. In addition, TUID students receive a comprehensive program of English as a Foreign Language. This is taught throughout their stay in Durham, and culminates with the award of a recognized certificate of English proficiency.Durham University also offers a diversity of societies, sports' clubs and cultural activities to Teikyo students. A variety of interests are covered, from music, drama, and volleyball to rowing on the River Wear. Each year, able TUID students are privileged to represent their college, and sometimes the University or even City of Durham, in sporting competitions. There is also an active "Community Partners" scheme in operation which enables Teikyo students to visit and dine with families in the wider community.

  100. Tenri University

  101. Tohoku University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Arts and Letters,Faculty of Education,Faculty of Law,Public Policy,Economics and Management/Faculty of Economics, Dentistry,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, International Cultural Studies, Information Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Studies, Educational Informatics

  102. Tohoku University of Art & Design
    Offers programs in the streams of Art History and Conservation,Historic Heritage, Fine Arts, Prodect Design, Environmental Design, Communiaction Design, Future Design

  103. Toin University of Yokohama
    In the past, samurai warriors were respected for being both strong martial artists as well as good scholars. This way of life was called the Bunbu-Ryodo (bun = letters, bu = martial arts, ryodo = both ways).Today, students at Toin Gakuen live the modern Bunbu-Ryodo, which stresses the importance of a universal education, including academics, sports, and arts. Remarkable achievements in all of these fields have made us one of the top educational institutions in the country.

  104. Tokai University
    Providing educational and research activities in support of a society where human beings can live together in harmony with nature. Tokai University also carries out interdisciplinary research activities by closely cooperating with its other 2 universities, 3 junior colleges, 18 research institutes and 3 research centers. The aim of this cooperation is to challenge individuals to deal with various issues facing mankind, such as resources, energy, information technology, medical care, welfare, peace and security. As a part of these research activities, Tokai University holds many international seminars and symposiums in collaboration with foreign universities and research institutes.

  105. Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Research in new fields and interdisciplinary areas of science and technology has been actively conducted. The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Bioscience and Biotechnology, the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, and the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology were founded in succession.

  106. Tokyo International University
    In 2004, we established the new Department of English Communication at the School of Language Communication. The department widens future possibilities through language for communications. Also, the traditional School of Business and Commerce has undergone a major reorganization and is now composed of three departments: Commerce, Accounting, and Information Systems, with the aim of allowing students to focus on desired fields.

  107. Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Composed of five faculties,an urban studies center,and five graduate schools with a combined enrollment of about 6,500 students, Tokyo Metropolitan University focuses on urban studies, and offers both daytime and nighttime courses.

  108. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    Offers programs in the streams of Biological Production(Japanese), Applied Biological Science(Japanese), Environmental and Natural Resource Sience(Japanese), Ecoregion Sience(Japanese), Veterinary Medicine(Japanese),Biotechnology and Life, Sciences(Japanese), Applied Chemistry, Organic and Polymer Materials Chemistry(Japanese), Chemical Engineering(Japanese), Mechanical Systems Engineering, Applied Physics(Japanese), Electrical and Electronic Engineering(Japanese), Computer,Information and Communication Sciences(Japanese)

  109. Toyohashi University of Technology
    We have around 2,100 students including undergraduate, master and doctoral course students, 250 teaching and research faculty members, and 150 administrative personnel. Although our university is small compared to most of the other 87 national universities in Japan, we focus our efforts on furthering the progress of advanced technologies such as robotics, information technology (IT), electronic and optical devices, advanced materials science, environmental sciences and technologies, as well as others.

  110. United Nations University
    Offers various Research Programmes and Courses such as development economics,socio-economic impacts of new technologies, oftware technologies for development, Mineral Resources Unit in Lusaka, Zambia - natural resources management, eco-restructuring for sustainable development etc

  111. University of Electro-Communications
    Offers programs in the streams of Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Applied Physics And Chemistry, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Department of Systems Engineering, Department of Human Communication

  112. University of the Ryukyus
    Offers programs in the Center of Molecular Biosciences, Center for Cooperative Research, Instrumental Research Center, Education and Research Center for Lifelong Learning, Computing and Networking Center

  113. University of Tokushima
    Offers programs in the streams of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering

  114. University of Tokyo
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Law,Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics, Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  115. University of Tsukuba
    One of the major characteristics of the University of Tsukuba is to separate research and education. The university separates research institutes to which professors belong as researchers, from undergraduate and graduate schools in which professors are in charge as educators.Another major characteristic is to offer the graduate schools that parallelly consist of master's programs and doctoral programs. The former graduate programs are two-year master degree programs for producing professionals with academic and technical expertise and providing re-educational opportunities for the general public.

  116. Utsunomiya University
    The Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Agriculture,The Faculty of Engineering,Agriculture,Faculty of General Education are offered by the Utsunomiya University

  117. Wakayama University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering, Economics etc.,

  118. Waseda University
    Waseda University aims to nurture intellectually independent people through its wide variety of academic programs. For instance, our "English Tutorial System" enables students to pick up basic English communication skills. Through our "Open Education Center," which offers various courses to all students, regardless of their majors, and our "Theme College," we are also committed to enriching students' learning experiences and pursuing a new style of education driven by voluntary participation. The new system provides opportunities for our faculty members and students to work together on real-world issues. Working adults also need to acquire advanced and current expertise to cope with the rapid changes in technologies and our social environment, as well as the increasing global exchange of human resources and materials.

  119. Yamagata University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences,Faculty of Education/Graduate School of Education,Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Aguriculture, Networking and Computing Service
  120. Yamanashi University
    Offers programs in the streams of Faculty of Education Human Sciences, Faculty of Medicine,Faculty of Engineering

  121. Yokohama National University
    Yokohama National university emphasizes the education that makes a deep impression on the students and consequently creates unique education culture in our campus.The research plays a role of predicting the future of mankind, and of constructing the world to come. Through the researches originated from personal ideas as well as from cooperated projects, the Yokohama National University challenges the most ambitious problems that mankind faces with.

  122. Yoshida Gakuen
    Courses for Computer programmers, game programmers and 3DCG designers, eauticians, estheticians and nail artists,1st and 2nd class automobile mechanics, care workers, social workers etc.,

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